Wednesday, February 20

Review: Ranger Melting Pot

I finally used my Ranger Melting Pot after months of it sitting in its packaging. The thing I like about this melting pot is that you can do more with your UTEE, and have a different way of using your stamps. 

The portability of this tool is really good, because you can melt away right in your craft room, or anywhere else you like. One thing I'm a little disappointed about is it really takes a while to melt the UTEE, and longer to keep the UTEE in its melted state. I don't like waiting, so good thing I have a heat gun to speed up the melting process. It helps if you have the separate Melting Pot Project Pan, so you don't have to clean everytime. I only have one extra, but would like to buy more for different color UTEEs. Ranger also claims that their melting pot can melt wax, glue, soap, and candy, and can also be used to cure Polymer Clay. Well, I'm happy with melting UTEE for now, but would like to try the BeesWax too. Just to remind you that proper ventilation is best when melting with the melting pot.

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