Wednesday, February 20

More Digital Freebies

I have three scrapbook magazine subscriptions.  And I would often visit their website to check out stuff, especially the freebies.  Yesterday, I visited Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers.  This morning, I browsed through Simple Scrapbooks.  There are supposedly 3 digital kits for FREE, but only one of them is available for download, which is the Refresh Kit from Scrap Girls.  Hey, one is better than nothing.  And it's a big kit.  And it's FREE.  Don't you love that word?  This is one of my takes from the Refresh Kit, which you can get here.

Speaking of digital, yesterday i went to the nearest Joann's to do some shopping.  I saw a book on how to create your own digital elements - from pages to embellishments.  So I said, it's perfect to buy with my 40% coupon.  And since I have come to like digital scrapbooking, I might as well try creating my own.  After leaving the store with my new book, I excitedly started reading the book while still in the car.  In the introduction, it said something about a CD that comes with the book.  Now, wait a minute... I don't see any CD in here!  So I had to beg my husband to go back to the store.  And to make the long story short, that was the last book of it they have available, and therefore I can't buy the darn book for not having the CD.  In other words, I wasted a 40% Off coupon.  And I guess I'll just be an end-user for digital scrapbooking.... for now!

Also, I saw a really nice black plastic drawer organizer that's perfect for scrapbooking, for $69.99.  It's the Storage Solutions Scrapbook Cart.  It is really nice.  And stackable too!  The top 2 drawers have dividers for embellishments and small tools.  And the rest would fit 12 x 12 paper.  You can grab these drawers off the frame, and take them with you anywhere.  If I had more space in my craftroom, I would have bought that with the 50% coupon.

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