Sunday, March 9

Review: Top That! Greeting Card Kit

I bought this card making kit in CostCo Japan a year or so ago. I finally had the time to do it. The kit comes with an instruction book and some of the materials needed in making the cards. The card size they used for this kit is 5 x 5. I was excited to start this kit. And as I go along, I found out that most of the materials in the book are not in the kit. If you have a lot of materials in stock it would be easy to put the cards together. But some of the materials mentioned were Hessian fabric, sack linen, Holographic paper/card, cathedral pattern blade scissors, Fillament gold thread, silk flowers, "hoki" fern punch, foil snowflakes, among others.

If you are new to card making and you don't have a stash, it won't be easy to get a hold of those materials. And I would imagine newbies to just not make the cards and give the kit away or just keep it in the drawers or something. I was getting irritated as I make the cards one by one. Card-making kits nowadays include all the materials (except the tools), so you just basically put the stuff together. However, the good thing about this kit is that you can use your imagination and think of alternatives for the materials that are not available. That's not a problem if you've been doing this hobby for quite a while. But like I said, if you're a beginner, you won't appreciate this kit. 

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