Sunday, March 9


Two days ago, I received a box full of goodies from one of my SplitCoastStampers Secret Sisters from Ohio. 

I was happiest with the stamp pad from Stampin' Up, because I really want to just use that brand of stamp pands in the future.  I just don't have access to Stampin' Up products right now, but when I do, I'd like to have all their stamp pad colors.  Plus, the fact that I have 4 of the Ikea Stackebo DVD Holders.  Yeah, DVD Holders.  

The Stampin Up stamp pads fit perfectly in those DVD holders.  You can see a sample by CurlyCurlyHair of SplitcoastStampers.  Ikea must be wondering why their DVD holders are always sold out.  Its because stampers across America have been buying them.  Too bad, Ikea's not carrying them anymore.  I also got 2 Spica pens.  There has been a craze about those Spicas.  Now that I have two of them, I guess I'll find out why.  A big thank you to My Group 2 SGF!  I just had one of the chocolate bags for dessert! 

For the past 2 days, I have been trying to catch up with my cross-stitch project, which I have talked about in another blog entry. 

Well, I'm almost halfway done!  The frustrating thing about cross-stiching is that it takes forever to finish.  But I like the way you see how the picture shows bit by bit as you stitch along.  I just wish that I can finish it already, so I can start a new one!  By the way, my favorite cross-stich website Cross Stich Collectibles has a new free pattern for March, which you can get here.

I have been making cards with this kit I bought from Costco.  It's called Make Your Own Greeting Cards by Top That! 

It comes with an instruction book and some of the materials you will need to make the cards.  If you see this kit anywhere, don't buy it.  You can read more about it in a review I made here.  Some of the cards I created with this kit are here.

OK, time to do work in the basement.

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