Wednesday, March 19

Review: Ultimate Card Kit by Becky Higgins

Now this is what I call a card kit! I bought this from QVC about 2 years ago, and I finally opened it to make the cards. You can make 2 or 3 sets of each design, and the materials of each design is packed separately. 

Everything you need to make the cards are in the kit - to every blank card and envelope, from the smallest piece of paper, to the tiniest brad, to the shortest strip of ribbon. Basically, all you need is adhesive, and you can create the cards in this kit. You don't really need experience to make these cards, because the instructions in the booklet are really simple. And the great thing is, the final product is professional looking, IMHO. The cards you see in the instruction is exactly the one you create. In about 3 hours I was able to make 27 cards. That's how easy it was. The only thing that made me irk a bit is some of the cuts of some pieces are not exact - sometimes a bit short than it should be. But hey, you can always improvise and look into your stash. This kit is available at Becky Higgin's website. If you have a chance to buy this kit, BUY IT!

Check out the cards I made by clicking here.

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