Wednesday, March 19


Yesterday was a really good day.  I took advantage of my hubby being at work, and I basically stayed in my planet.

After being disappointed with the Top That! Card Making Kit, I took out the Ultimate Card Kit by Becky Higgins which I bought a couple of years ago from QVC

This kit is awesome!  I made a review about it here.  Again, I will say that don't waste the chance when you see this kit and buy it!  I'm not even halfway through the kit, and I was already able to make 27 beautiful cards.  Sometimes, I would add a touch of my own in some of the cards, like doing some inking to add more dimension.  You can check out more of the cards by clicking here.  I'll be making more cards today, and I won't be surprised if I finish everything by tonight, because this kit is just soooo easy!

RedSlim08, whose art I really like, asked me to make something for him.  I just love his "dorwings", and I can't wait for when he can make a "dorwing" for me.  See the doodling on the hands in the layout below?  He made those.  Way cool, isn't it?  You can see more of his art in his photo albums right here.

For this layout, I used NBK for the background paper and the red vintage doily frame.  The swirlies and red ribbon came with Memory Mixer.  The rest of the embellishments are from Alice Koh (red zigzag stitch), Laura Alpuche (black arrow), Sande Krieger (red scalloped edge), Michelle Coleman (red stitches), Mikkel Paige (black circle doodle), Mindy Terasawa (white people holding hands), Rhonna Farrer (red bird), JEdwards (white paint splatter).  I used so many elements in here, I hope I didn't forget to give credit to somebody.

Hope you like this, Redslim!

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