Monday, March 24

Starting the Week Right...

I had a great time with family yesterday .  We had a good Easter dinner and lots of chit chat.  The kids enjoyed painting my ceramic Easter bunny.  And they did a really good job! 

I think this bunny wouldn't look as good if I painted it myself.  Why is creativity so easy with kids?  When you're older, you think so much about technicality and which color would look best with what color.  These kids they just painted to their delight, and the outcome looks darn great!

After going home, I went straight to my planet and made more cards.  The kids' job with the Easter bunny inspired me to just do these cards and play and not think so much about the rules and technicalities. 

The rest of the cards you can see if you click right here.

Today, I want to do more work in the storage room.  I can't wait to see what I'll find in one of those boxes again.  And I want to make a new scrapbook page about my sister.

Wish me luck!

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