Saturday, March 22

Happy Easter!

This is supposedly the earliest Easter ever, it being on March 23rd.  I heard something about it will be another 200 years till we have an early Easter like this.  I guess we are lucky to be able to celebrate this "special" one.
This weekend I was basically busy making cards.  I want to get a booth in one of those craft shows sometime later this year, and sell my cards.  And for that, I will be needing to make a lot.  I still have to figure out how much I should sell my cards.  I'd like some input about that, please :)

Check out the other 19 cards I made here.

There's so many things I want and have to do (again!).  I'm supposed to make sample Christening cards for my college friend in Las Vegas, but my muse is not being helpful on that one yet.  I have to finish these samples by the end of this month.  Then I promised my sister I will make a graduation scrapbook album for her.  That has to be a traditional scrapbook.  And my muse is not helping with that either.  I have less than a month to finish this album.  Also I want to make a couple of small stained glass projects for my aunt and cousin.  I have less than a month to do that too.

And all I want to do right now is make cards.

Earlier this week I was doing some organizing in our storage room, and I finally came across my paper collection.  I bought these in Korea, Thailand, and Japan.  They are so beautiful!  I know I have to create something with them.  But for now, I just like them where they are.  I was telling my friends living in other countries, if you want to give me a present, buy me paper!  hehehe... 

By the way, if you're into those special papers, Paper Mojo is a good place to find them.  They carry all sorts of paper, even ones from different countries.  I try to stay away from this website as much as I can.

Guess what?  I got happy mail yesterday!  I really splurged at the Creative Express website, because they were having really good deals on a lot of items.  This is the same website where I bought those scrapbooking albums last year.  I really try to avoid visiting this site too, because it's really hard to resist buying.  Right now, you can get additional 10% off items in their warehouse sale category.

Yesterday afternoon, I chanced upon this movie "A Walk To Remember" starring Mandy Moore on TV.  And I bawled to death!  I'm glad my husband wasn't there to have a great time teasing me.  He just loves it when I cry at sad movies.   

Happy Easter everyone! :)

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