Tuesday, March 4

Who Loves Homework?

I have four cuts on my right index finger, one on my right thumb, and probably a glass splinter on the right thumb.  I got it from grinding glass, not cutting, which is kinda funny.  I have mentioned in another blog entry about my taking beginner's stained glass classes with DH. 

And now, I'm in the advanced class.  Our teacher Ms. Triplett of Stained Glass Co. gave us homework to do.  In this class, we have to choose our own pattern/design.  You can make your own if you wish.  I got my pattern from a book, but I made a twist to it.  My project is going to look like a valance for my craft window.  Then, we had to do the prep work at home, which includes cutting the pattern, cutting the glass, grinding and most of the foiling.  We'll do most of the soldering in class, which is this evening.  No, DH didn't take this class this time.  He said the stained glass hobby is too detailed work for him.  Oh well...

This weekend, I was making cards from a kit I bought a year or two ago.  I'll tell you more about this kit in another blog, but after I'm done doing all the cards.  I hope to finish them all tomorrow. 

For now, you can see how messy my craft desk is.... lol!

In another blog entry, I mentioned about crocheting a blouse.  It's about 85% finished, and I can't wait!  I'll post it as soon as it's done :)

By the way, it's Celebrate Your Name Week.  Now's a good time to make a scrapbook page about your wonderful name.  I've been researching about my name on the internet, and I have found some interesting facts.  Also, today is International Scrapbooking Industry Day.  You might want to check out your favorite scrapbook stores and they might have some special deals.

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