Saturday, April 5

My Latest Creations

I was busy for the past three days trying to finish my 3 stained glass sun catchers.  I'm pretty proud of these because they are the first ones I made all by myself.  No teacher to guide me, and no teacher to ask questions to.  It's been a while since my last stained glass project, and it took a while for me to recall some of the steps.  Especially in the finishing process.  I didn't get cuts from cutting the glass, but I did get some from grinding.  Which makes me really say that grinding glass is the part I like the least.  And for the parrot one, I had a hard time grinding the really small pieces.  The soldering was not so bad, but a bit tedious.  In one of the flowers, I had to redo the soldering because the  copper foil didn't adhere so well on one of the glass pieces, making the piece "wobbly."  After soldering, I was confused on which one comes next.  I know that you should clean the glass and solder.   But I couldn't remember if I should apply the patina first or the finishing compound.  So I applied patina first.  While applying the patina, the solder didn't look smooth and all that.  And then I realized, I should have scrubbed it first with that fine wire-a-majig.  And then while I was scrubbing, it occured to me, that sometime in the process, I should be wearing gloves.  When is that???  And that's when I put the patina.  And I didn't the first time, with all those cuts on my fingers.  Ooops!  So I went and got me a pair of those nylon gloves and applied patina, then the finishing compound.  It looks a lot better! 

I'm happy with the finished product.  They're not perfect, but I'm still happy.  My confidence level in this craft got one step higher.  You can see the other sun catchers I made by clicking here.

Alice Koh posted about an April Template Challenge on her multiply site.  She's one of the designers at Pickleberrypop (so cute of a name!), where the challenge is taking place.  This is my take for the challenge.  The template is, of course, by Alice Koh, and all the digital elements I used are from the Dinner Party Kit by Shabby Princess.  You can get Alice Koh's template for free by clicking here.  And do participate on the challenge :) 
From the first time I saw the Pullip Doll from Marie Montero's site, I fell in love with the darn doll.  I wanted one!  It was actually created by a Korean company, but marketed from Japan.  And since I'll be going to Japan for a few days, the Pullip doll is on top of my "to buy" list.  The big question is.... where are these stores located????

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