Friday, April 11

What's New and a Darn Boo-boo!

I know it's been a while since my last blog entry.  I was pretending to be busy with things, but I was really ending up with doing nothing. 
Just like what Don Laban said, I have the stained glass bug.  I was able to download a lot of free patterns from the Spectrum website.  And there were two patterns in there that I just couldn't resist making.  So finally today, I started working on these two patterns.  I cut the glass pieces, and ground them.  And thanks to Christopherjohnhobby who suggested about using those rubber thimble thingies, I have no single cut!  Woot!  I'm sooo happy! 

I told my husband, if doing stained glass will be like this all the time, I really won't mind doing it everyday.  I finished copper foiling the glass pieces last night.  And I'm hoping to finish them this weekend if not today.  Spectrum is a popular glass brand for this craft, and you can get tons of free pattern if you register at their website, which doesn't cost you anything.

A few days ago, I was able to make a digital layout for my friend who celebrated her birthday on Monday.  I used Shabby Princess' Vintage Florals Kit on this one, with the help of Memory Mixer.  I really like  the cool hues of this kit.  You can get the Vintage Florals Kit for free by clicking right here.  Speaking of digital scrapbooking software, I use only two:  Memory Mixer and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.  I want to share the difference between the two, based on my experience.  Usually if I want to make a really quick digital layout, I use Memory Mixer.  The software includes a library of embellishments and background paper and all you need is just put the elements together.  Adding shadows and changing sizes and whatever else you want to do to tweak the elements in your page are all in just a click or two.  I would say that Memory Mixer is really good for beginners who have basic computer skills.  As for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, it takes a while for me to finish a layout with this one.  I guess it's because of my limited knowledge on the software.  I don't even know how to add a shadow with PE6.  You really have to know a lot of commands and really study to be adept with this software.  But what I like about using PE6 is the colors and hues of my layouts are so much richer compared to Memory Mixer.  There's no question about that. 

I was working on two more pages for this scrapbook album I'm making for my sister.  I just finished the traditional one a few minutes ago.  The background paper is from Me&MyBigIdeas and I used a lot of "nature" inspired elements like hemp and wood beads.  I used wood alphas for the main title, which I distressed with Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad.  I did the stitching using my Janome Sew Mini, and I cut the photos using my Deckle Scissors.  It's also my first time to use the "wood material" tape, which I bought from the 100 Yen Store in Japan (Joselle & Ameng).  I want to buy more of these when I go to Japan next month.  I'm thinking of submitting this layout to the Truly Trendy Contest in Scrapscene.  You might want to give it a shot too.  There are lots of goodies in store for prizes.  Now who wouldn't want that???

I was so in the mood to scrapbook today, so after finishing the BFF page, I started working on the hybrid one.  I was enjoying it and I was almost done.  Until this happened.  The darn glitter glue smeared and the damage couldn't just be fixed.  I was so mad.  I had to remove each embellishment despite my frustration.  I had to start from scratch and print the digital layout again.  I guess that's what happens when you haven't had any lunch and it's 3 pm.  My muse was hungry, and still is.

Let me take a break, freshen up, and eat my very late lunch.

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