Monday, June 23

Goodie Day

My day started out right this morning with 2 packages from my Secret Girlfriends in SplitcoastSTampers. 

I have been waiting for these goodies, and I'm so happy with what I got.  This is a kind of swap, where you send scrapbooking/stamping goodies worth a specific amount to your designated "secret girlfriend."  Each member posts a wish list on the bulletin board, so the person who's supposed to send to you can have an idea on what to buy for you.  In this round, I joined the $15 and $20 group.  It's sort of like a "Kris Kringle" during Christmas time, or  "Exchange Gift" (popularly known in the Philippines).  Then the swap hostess sets a "reveal date" when everybody knows who sent to whom.  This kind of swap runs on an "honor system."  If you're lucky, you might receive something more than the supposed value.  Sometimes less.  And sometimes there will be "flakers" - somebody who doesn't send anything even though they got something.  I've experienced being flaked before, and it's not fun at all.  That's when an "angel" comes to the rescue, which is usually the swap host.  Sometimes other swappers volunteer to be an angel.  After the reveal date and somebody is proven to have "flaked", the angel will send you something.  It may not be the amount of what you signed up for, but at least you got something.  I've joined secret girlfriend swaps like this for several times already.  I know I can always buy what I want anytime, but I still like the element of surprise.  Everytime a package arrives, the excitement about what's inside sure is fun.  And I also like to shop for goodies for people who have the same interests as mine.  I joined another secret girlfriend swap in SCS, and that's another one to look forward to.

For some update, I was able to install a sliding shelf under my craft desk.  It's sort of like a keyboard drawer, only bigger.  Also, I got to paint my small wood crates black, and stamped them with foam stamps and white acrylic paint, to match my craft room.  I like how it turned out :)  I'll post photos in my next blog.

There are still a lot of stuff I want done in my craft room.  I can't wait to finish them all!

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