Friday, June 20


I was in a dilemma.  There were two things online that I really really want but I told myself that I can only get one.  One is the Arietta Pullip Doll and the other one is the Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut Cartridge

Arietta is being sold at a very cheap price:  $63.96, originally around $100.  While the Paper Doll Cartridge is being sold at $54.99, originally $89.99.  I don't know what's up with me, but I'm just so into dolls lately.  I already have a Pullip Doll, Zuora, which you can see here and here.  And I have already decided that I will collect Pullips.  But I really don't like Arietta's style, and the only reason why I want to buy her is because it's very cheap.  Now for the Paper Doll Cartridge, I already have 10 Cricut cartridges on hand, but I know I can create a lot more things if I add that cartridge to my Cricut library.  In fact, I already have a lot of ideas in mind. 

So while pondering while taking a shower, I decided to purchase the Paper Doll Cartridge.  As soon as I got dressed, I went online to Cherished Scraps and Cards and bought my cartridge.  I can't wait to lay my hands on that darn cartridge, and make more use of my Cricut machine.  And right now, I'm still sour graping about Pazzles Inspiration.  hehehe.

However, I still want to pre-order Yuutudu Pullip Doll, which is to be released in August.  You might be interested to buy Arietta from Atamaii.  It is a really good price.

Earlier this week I received 5 cards from a swap I joined in SplitcoastStampers.  It is nice to see cards made by other people right in my hands.  This one on the right is my favorite by RMK. 

The layout and design is simple but the colors are eye catching.  I love the stamping, and the glitter.  I'm wondering if the cardstock (where the image is) actually has glitter, or if it was purposely done.  You can see the other cards by clicking here 
I was able to improvise an organizer for my pens and markers.  I wanted to custom-make something out of wood, but I just don't have the tools, and I don't know how to use those tools even if I have them.  So I went to our storage and gathered what I can get. 

These are 4 pen holders and 3 yellow floppy disk organizers.  I bought them all for 100 Yen each (about a dollar) in Japan a few years ago.  Again, I'm glad that I didn't throw them away.  They are nestled on this wood thing that originally was a glass jar rack (set of 4).  I bought it in ReStore last year for a few bucks.  On the left, you can see how it looks. 

It will work for now, but when I have a chance, I want one custom-made.  The question is who and when.  

I have more projects in mind concerning my Craft Room.  I know, I know... I'm just never satisfied.  It just feels like there's still something I can add to it.  Sometimes I wonder when it will ever end.  This time, I plan to:
  • change how I organize my leftover ribbon
  • attach a pull-out drawer under my craft desk
  • make a holder for my new heat gun so I won't have to hold the heat gun when I'm embossing and the like.
  • assemble and alter my wooden Ikea drawers (4 of them)
  • update my rotating shop fixture
  • color coordinate my organizers and fixtures to black and white (there are still some blue mini drawers and brown organizers)
Before I forget, Creating Keepsakes has another digital kit for free.  It's called Wonderful by Michelle Coleman.  I always love her kits!  This is a shot of me riding the train to Narita Airport in Japan. 

It marked the end of my month long trip.  I was kinda sad, but I missed my husband and craft room a lot, so I was also eager to come home.  You can download the wonderful Wonderful Kit by clicking here.  The alphas are Floral Monograms by K. Petiet.  The font I used in the mini-jounraling is LD Quick Note by ScrapNFonts, which I also got for free from their website.  In fact, if you click here right now, you'll be able to download 13 pretty fonts.  I hope you enjoy all those freebies as much as I did :)

And finally, I was able to find enclosures for the necklaces I started last week.  I joined a jewelry swap at SplitcoastStampers, and this is what I'm swapping.  I made the red pendant itself, which you can read more about in a previous blog entry

I made 9 of them, and decided to put them in some personalized packaging.

Before I end this long enough blog entry, I want to thank you, my fellow crafters, for taking time to visit my homepage and craft blog.  I am really happy to meet new friends, and also learning from you all.  I am always amazed at what other people can create in any form of craft they like.  :) 

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