Thursday, June 19

Review: Martha Stewart Opaque Marker Set

I was a little leary about the Martha Stewart scrapbook line because I thought that they were expensive simply because they carry the Martha Stewart name. When the MS products first came out, you can only buy them in Michael's. I'd see them there, and I'd look. There are some interesting products, but again, the cost hinders me from buying. The good news is, Walmart now carries the Martha Stewart scrapbooking line. It made me excited to go to Walmart when I heard the news. If it's cheaper, I can't reallly tell. But I still decided to give it a shot and test some of the MS products myself. However, Walmart carries more of the basic stuff. So I decided to buy the MS Opaque Marker Set. 

The package says "Visible on light or dark backgrounds". When I tried it the first time, I loved it! The colors are vivid on dark colored cardstock and it doesn't bleed. I also tried them on photos I printed myself, and they worked great! I just hope that they come out with fine tipped ones, because the ones they had available were only 1mm. I'm definitely going to buy more of the colors, and I will have to say that maybe buying the Martha Stewart brand is worth it because of its good quality. 

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