Saturday, July 26

Memory Makers: Today's Feature

*Extra!  Extra!

I got another email from Memory Makers Feedblitz, and the same LO is in their "Inspiring New Page Ideas" which you can see by clicking here.
I received an email from Memory Makers on July 14 telling me that they have scheduled my "Soak Up the Sun" layout as the featured idea for Memory Makers Online Idea Gallery for today, July 26. 

I was very excited!  But I wanted to hold on to it until it actually happened.  And the first thing I did this morning was check Memory Makers Idea Gallery, and there it is!  What makes it extra special is that Memory Makers is a popular scrapbooking magazine, and even though my page is not in the actual magazine, this is the closest I can get (maybe for now?)  This is definitely a first for me and I am very happy!  You can see it here and here

Thank you Ms. Katie Hilbert for considering my LO :)

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