Sunday, July 27


I haven't made a traditional scrapbook LO in almost 2 weeks.  It's just so easier to design and make cards because it doesn't involve photos (unless you want to), and it requires only a smaller piece of cardstock.  Another thing I like about card making is that I get to use a lot of my "leftover" supplies - paper, cardstock, ribbon, etc.  And you must know that I hate throwing stuff away :)

Anyway, today is "tear jerker" day.  I woke up with a backache from "working" last night with my husband for a reunion which took place in the hall.  It's a new part-time job, and I'll use my pay from that for this hobby of mine.  Needless to say I am very lazy today.  I decided to watch recent episodes of MMK, a popular weekly drama from the Philippines.  And I can't count how many tears have streaked down my cheeks, and a few sobs every now and then. 

But while I'm doing that, I was able to finish this card for another swap. 

The theme of the swap is to use a lot of RED in your cards.  It was my first time to use Judi Kins' Diamond Glaze to add dimension to my butterfly image.  I don't know if I was doing it wrong, but it kept bubbling during application which didn't make the lines even and smooth.  I never experienced that with Inkssentials Glossy Accents, which I think is thicker.  It's just frustrating when things don't go as smooth during crafting, especially while you're "emotional" from watching dramas on PinayChannel.

By the way, I always put a "signature" on my cards.  It's actually my Japanese "hanko" or signature which is my surname in Kanji.  I was required to have this to be used as my signature back when I was teaching English in the high schools in Japan.  So I had this custom-made just for me.  I think it's unique and I know that no one else has that stamp, which made me decide to keep using them in "marking" my cards and other creations.  Since I have joined a lot of swaps, if you see this mark in any of the handmade cards that come your way, that means it's by me.
Next week I intend to make just LOs... and no cards! :)

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