Saturday, August 9

Martha Stewart Edge Punches vs. Fiskars Border Punches + Cross Stitch WIP

A few days ago, I made a review about Martha Stewart's Doily Lace Edge Puch, and Au Lim asked about the difference between that and the Fiskars Border Punches.  You know what, I have totally forgotten that I have the Fiskars border punches.  I looked for them and they're in one of those drawers.  That's what I don't like about putting tools in drawers, you don't get to use them and you forget that they actually exist in your craft room.  So I took them out and played with them, alongside with the MS doily punch.  I guess the MS one punched better, but I think it's because it's newer. 

My Fiskars punches are years old, even though rarely used.  When it comes to alignment, MS is way much better.  I would see some "imperfection" with the continuous pattern I make with Fiskars.  Size wise, the Fiskars Border Punch is bigger and longer than MS Edge Punch.  However, I think Fiskars is sturdier physically.  When you punch with it, you apply pressure on top.  With MS, there is only one lever on the side.

The punching diameter with MS is just a line below 2 inches while with Fiskars, it's a line over 2 inches - very little difference.  When it comes to storage, because of the size and physical design of MS, it's easier to store.  Fiskars is bulkier and until now, I haven't found a place in my craft room to store them in.  I realize now why I put them in drawers.  In the future, unless Fiskars comes out with new designs, I might be buying more of the Martha Stewart Edge Punches because it's smaller and easier to store.  They are perfect in my rotating shop fixture.

I have finished 3/4 of my current cross-stitch project, Bend in the Road by Cezanne. 

I ran out of thread several times while stitching the third part, and I don't like it when that happens.  I can't stitch with incomplete thread.  Anyway, I got this pattern for free years ago in Cross Stitch Collectibles, my favorite cross stitch website.  Every month they have a free pattern available for download.  You can get this month's free pattern here.    Because the 2008 Olympics has started, I'm hoping to finish this WIP sooner because I like to stitch while watching TV.  I can't wait to finish this one, so I can start on a new one. 

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