Tuesday, August 12

Planet in Chaos Again!

It's depressing in my planet again.  It's soooo messy I can't stand it!  There are stuff on the desk and there are more stuff on the floor.  It's irritating!  My muse can't stand it either, and he left me and told me he won't come back till my craft room is spic and span.  Arg!

However yesterday, I had some goodie mail from Christine.  She sent me some stickers. horse sequins and K&Co Stamp collage embossed paper.  It came with a wonderful card too! 

Thank you very much Christine!  I hope you like what I sent you :)
You can see the rest of the goodies here.

While in town yesterday, I went to Big Lots to look for some good scrapbook item deals.  I never knew that they carried scrapbooking stuff, and when I went there the first time, my eyes bulged at what they have at very cheap prices.  My best buy is the ColorBok Gallery J 12" Family Tree for only $5. 

I can't wait to play with this!  If you're in the US and you see a Big Lots store, I really think it's worth it to go inside if you're looking for some good craft buys, especially scrapbooking.  I bought a bunch of ribbon spools for only $1 each, and I'm sure they are not just 1 yard or 1 meter ribbon per spool.  There were also some Martha Stewart Crafts products in there.  That's a big surprise!

While in Big Lots, I also chanced upon a My Scene Roller Girls clothes set.  I figured my Pullip Doll Zuora hasn't had a "pictorial" for a while, so I bought it. 

Some of the tops are quite big for my Pullip doll, but it's ok.  I was able to improvise with some folds, etc.  I think I have to repair them to fit sometime in the future.  But I love the jumper and the pants most of all.  You can see how these clothes look on my Zuora by clicking here.

Ok, time for me to do some errands, paint our breezeway... and hopefully have time to clean my planet after that.

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