Friday, September 12

My Very First Inchie!

I apologize my fellow crafters for not being able to update my blog for a week.  I have been busy with work and finishing my "craft obligations."  As for my new job, I am enjoying it a lot!

Anyway, about a week or so ago, Lisa asked me to "angel" for her Inchie swap.  I've never made inchies before, and I thought that her swap would be a great chance for me to try making some.  For the month of September, we swappers are supposed to make inchies with the Halloween/Fall theme.  I chose Halloween.  I actually had fun making these inchies.  And I am really hoping I did them right.  While I was doing these inchies, I decided to make a video tutorial, not really about making the inchies, but to show the different tools and supplies I used in making the inchies.  I hope to upload the video this weekend.  Now I can't wait to see what the others made.  I'm supposed to receive 15 different inchies back.  For more information about inchies, you can check out Lisa's video tutorials here and here.

Also, I received new cards from the "Embossed Image Card Swap" I joined a few weeks ago.  We were all supposed to do dry embossing on our cards, and I love everything I received.  You can see more of the cards by clicking here.

My planet is sooo messy again!  And I think I'm back into hoarding again, which is not good.  This weekend, I need to clean up and finish projects in my "to do" list.

Till next blog :)

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