Sunday, September 14

One Sweet Day

Yesterday was extra special for me.  Earlier in the week, I have set my mind to do the laundry and some house chores for this weekend.  Of course, I would do some crafting while doing these chores.  Then, I receive a call from DH who was at work, just to "check on me".  And even though it's embarassing to say, he said that I was talking and snoring in my sleep the night before.  That phone conversation made me smile.  Come lunch time, DH came home from work and we just had leftover pizza for lunch.  Mind you, it wasn't frozen pizza, but the real deal.  Even though we only had leftovers, I enjoyed that lunch.  Sometime after, DH got out of the house and got back in with 3 wooden cigar boxes he got from work.  He said "I thought you might want these." 

Of course I do!  Those are perfect for altering!  I was very happy and thought that it was so sweet of him that he picked those wooden boxes from the dump.  After that, I went back to my planet and continued working on some LOs.  At around 5 pm, I went to the kitchen and started preparing for dinner.  Then DH stops me and says he's going to cook dinner.  DH was going to cook dinner.  I had to ask him if he was sick, but no.  I let him cook, and I went back to my planet.  So what's the point that I'm telling this to you?  Yesterday, my DH made me feel extra special with just the extra little things he did.  I want to keep that memory, and it prompted me to create a scrapbook layout so I won't forget every detail.  I didn't want to wait days or weeks to do it, but right away, so that when I look back and see this layout, I can feel the exact same emotions when this special moment actually happened.  But where's this LO?  Sorry, I can't show you just yet...

But, I was able to make the September page for my 2008 Calendar. 

True it is, the leaves have started changing color and the temperature has gone down -  proof of the new season starting.  I always like Autumn because of its color.  This is going to be my 2nd official Fall in my entire life, and I'm very sure I will enjoy it as much as I did last year.  Maybe even more.  You can see the rest of the pages of my 2008 Calendar here.

As I have mentioned before, I am now currently employed and still in the process of "personalizing" my work area.  I have lots of things in mind, but there are still other projects that I needed to do.  But yesterday I was able to "alter" a couple of document trays for work. 

I didn't want it to be too fancy so I just used mostly black.  The background is corrugated cardstock and the alphas are by Provo Craft.  I just adhered some clear flower sequins to add a little dimension.  I guess that's a good start, because there are still quite a bunch of stuff I want to create for work.

Till next blog!

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