Thursday, December 4

More New Additions

I have been procrastinating about the Bind-It-All (blue) by Zutter, since it first came out a few years ago.  I know it would be really cool to actually make your own albums of any size and shape, but I was just not that impressed with it. 

But when they came out with the new and improved Version 2.0 (pink), I decided to take the plunge.  I bought my pink Bind-It-All at my local scrapbook store, The Paper Manor, in support of their first anniversary (thanks for the BoBunny Bag!).  After that, I really didn't have the chance to open and play with it. 

But I finally did last night. 

People who know me know how I am with paper.  I just can't throw them away.  And even at work, it's a pain for me to waste paper.  So I have been saving these scrap copy paper for a while, and when I had enough, I brought them home.  I decided these scrap paper will be a part of my first BIA project.

Beforehand, I already watched the video tutorial of BIA in their official website.  So the "hands on" wasn't hard for me.  I love the "centerline punching method" and the fact that I can punch holes even on thick chipboard.    Because of the overall thickness of my project, I had to punch a bunch of pages at a time.  And despite that, the holes still line up perfectly when all the pages are put together.  In this project, I used the 1 inch binder rings, and it was very easy to bind all pages and back & front cover.  Overall, I can say that the BIA is not really hard to operate.

If you notice, the corners of my scrap pad are round.  If you're thinking that I corner punched each page, you're wrong.  In fact, I can't corner punch a thick chipboard with an ordinary corner rounder.  But the fun fact is that I did corner punch the "entire" pad, including the front and back chipboard cover.  And it was possible with another newly acquired tool which is called
The Paper Gator from Around the Block.  With this tool, you can punch 100 sheets of paper and whatever thick material all at once. 

And just to be clear, you don't punch per page, but up to 100 sheets or any similar thickness, chipboard, plastic sheets and even wood.  And what's more, it doesn't require effort to punch at all.  You can actually invert the blade to cut ticket corners, and there are other blades you can purchase separately like the 45 degree angle corner.  I happen to purchase mine from QVC because they have the best deal and their package already includes 3 blades of different radius sizes.

To see this project in detail, please click here.

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