Saturday, December 6

Review: Scrapbook Play

I have read so many magazines, including special issue ones, but I have never enjoyed reading them as much as I had fun reading Scrapbook Play. It is a special issue magazine released by Simple Scrapbooks late this year. 

The "playful" description fits this magazine straight to the bat. It has tons of ideas, trivia, tips, tricks, quizes, and so much more. I love the websites they recommend because you can use them for your scrapbook pages, or just want to have some fun browsing the internet during a boring moment. I also like the part where you get to know more about the scrapbookers who make Simple Scrapbooks possible, like that of Stacy Julian and Cathy Zielske. It felt like I was with them while reading each page. I will definitely read this magazine again, and follow all those prompts for my future scrapbook pages. Kudos to Simple Scrapbooks for a really fun special issue! 

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