Wednesday, February 25

Memory Mixer V3

I got my Memory Mixer 3 yesterday!  Woot!  I was excited to check it out, and it's finally installed.  I like the new look, and of course, the new features.  I love the new quickpages - updated and fresh designs.  The main function buttons are still the same, located on the left panel, with some new buttons for the added features.  There is a new panel on the right where you can easily access your photos.  If you don't like that panel, you can always hide it away.  Among the new features, I like the Fill A Font, where you can change the looks of your font with another bg paper or any photo.  It's like covering a chipboard letter with bg paper, if we're talking about traditional scrapbooking.  Another new feature I like is Fit Text to a Shape.  However, it's limited because there are only 2 shapes involved:  circle and square.  But hey, I'll take it.  The new search feature is cool, and it helps me save a lot of time to search for a particular element.  Before, I had to browse through all my folders just to find a bird embellishment - and that usually takes forever!  However, I do find the search a bit slow.  Maybe because I have so many elements already stored in my folders.  I love the Additional Background feature!  Now it's a breeze to add as many layers on my page. 

Here's a digital page I made with MMV3.  The baby is my highschool friend's boy, who is only a few month's old.  I saw this photo in Friendster and I was just blown away.

Overall, I like Memory Mixers V3.  A big improvement from the previous one.  I believe it's a good digital scrapbooking software for scrapbookers of all levels. 

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