Sunday, March 1

National Craft Month

It's our month, fellow crafters!  Woot!!!!

I don't know why, but I've been looking forward to this month.  Whoever started this occasion, hats off to you for giving us a chance to celebrate our respective hobbies - a month a year!  What's more fun is that a lot of craft stores (brick & mortar and online) are holding special sale events at this time of the year.  But that doesn't mean I'm buying, because I still have a resolution to fulfill.  Also, there are usually a lot of new products being released during March.

For my tribute to National Craft Month, I made a promise to create at least one project a day.  It can be a card, scrapbook page, altered item, anything.  That will be a total of 31 creations for the entire month.  And I'm pretty serious about this one.  Would you like to join me?

So for the first day of National Craft Month, I was able to make my 2009 Calendar.  I like this better than last year's (click here to see).  It's a lot different, and I think a lot easier to do.  I only had to make one template for all 12 months.  Last year, I had to make 12 pages for each of the months.

You can view my 2009 Calendar in detail here.

Happy crafting!

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