Tuesday, February 17

My Very Own Stickles Organizer

I love Stickles!  If you haven't tried them, you should give it a shot because it rocks :D

But I have been thinking of a good way to store them.  I've read in the SCS message boards that it's best to store the Stickles upside down for an even flow and to avoid air bubbles during application.  So far, the best idea I've seen is placing round velcros underneath each stickle, and attaching them to another strip of velcro underneath a shelf or desk.  But I wanted a system where I can see the color of each Stickle while they're stored upside down.

And then one night, a light bulb almost literally popped above my head.  I chanced upon a Two-Tier Stainless Steel Turntable on sale at Lowe's for $4.  I just can't pass such a good deal, especially when I know I can put it to good use in the future.  And then I remembered how I store my small alpha stamps (click here to see).  That could work with my Stickles - and won't require much sweat.  So I assembled my newly acquired steel turntable and cut styrofoam block to fit the top.  I secured my now round styro to the top of the turntable with lots of large Glue Dots.  Then I made holes by pushing a Stickles bottle against the styrofoam.  And that's it.  Now, I can see my Stickles according to color, and they are stored the way they're supposed to be.  In the bottom, I put more supplies that I often use.  What I like most about this new addition to my craft room, it rotates! 

I am really happy with this one.  It kinda looks like a two-tiered cake.  And it's one of the very few I can call my own.
To see more photos, click here.

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