Tuesday, February 17

Digital Glimpse

It's been a while since my last digital LO.  I blame it on the past holiday rush and my new work.  But that doesn't mean I've forgotten about digital scrapbooking.

And guess what?  My favorite digital scrapbooking software, Memory Mixer v.2  is coming up with a new and better version, Memory Mixer v.3.  This time, it will allow you to:
  • Fill a Font
  • Background Builders
  • Patterns
  • Drag & Drop Photo Panel
  • Additional Photo Effects
  • Create Borders & Frames
  • Fit text to a Shape (I'm looking forward to this one!)
  • View albums before you open them
  • Embellishment Search
  • Favorite Embellishments
I find Memory Mixer easy to use, and it will make digital scrapbooking a breeze if you're not computer savvy, and if you have little or no knowledge about PhotoShop and the like.  I like to use Memory Mixer when I'm crunching for time and I need to make a LO pronto.  I like PhotoShop, but it usually takes me longer to create a LO with it because of all the commands you need to know and refresh with, especially if you haven't done it for quite a while.  With Memory Mixer, I can just launch the program even months later, and I won't have any problems.

Memory Mixer v.3 will be launched on QVC's Paper Crafting with the Pros tomorrow, Wednesday, ET from 1 to 3 pm.  I don't know how much the price will be, but you can also pre-order from the official website.  So the big question is, will I buy it?  YES!  The bad news is, I have work until 4 pm tomorrow and won't be able to watch QVC or go on the internet to see the Memory Mixer launch and place an order.  Oh well, I'll be able to purchase it one way or another ;)

And while you're browsing the Memory Mixers website, search and download their freebies here.  If the price is $0, then it's yours!

Speaking of freebies, I found a bunch of downloads in the following websites:
I hope you enjoy creating with all these freebies :)

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