Thursday, February 19

Stamped JustRite!

I have been reading about JustRite Stampers in SplitCoastStampers for quite some time now.  And I have received flyers about it in the mail too.  But it just didn't tickle my fancy.

Then one day, my co-worker asked me to help her shop in Arnie's.  She just joined the scrapbooking bandwagon, and she didn't know what tools and supplies to start with.  With hubby's permission, we drove an hour and a half away to go to this cool craft store, keeping in mind my 2009 resolution of not buying any more craft stuff.  When we got there, I tried to stay away from the "good deals" because they always "invite" me to buy.  I just browsed as much as I can.  And while looking through the stamps, I saw a pretty good selection of JustRite stamps.  After looking through each one, and carefully studying how they work, I decided to give them a try.  So I bought 3 items:  Damask Borders Monogram Stamper Kit, 2 5/16" Harmony Classic Circle Stamper II and a Small Letter Set.

And only tonight was I able to play with it.

I carefully opened the stamper kit, and this is what's inside:

  • 1 5/8" Harmony Circle Classic Stamper 1
  • 3 interchangeable "Damask" borders

  • Times New Roman 36 character font set
  • Stackable type storage container
For this set, you just press the border piece onto the grooves of the stamp, and then attach the letter of your choice in the middle.

I read in an SCS tutorial that you need to "prep" your JustRite stamps before first use for a good impression.  I followed the tutorial which you can read here.  All you need is a stamp cleaner, and sandpaper in various grits (if you call it that).

As you can see, the first image is the first impression of the stamp fresh from the box.  The second image is the impression after I rubbed the stamp with a stamp cleaner.  The third image is after the first sanding, and the fourth is after a little more sanding.  It's amazing how big the difference is from the first to the 4th one.

I did the same procedure with the other 2 borders, and this is how they look.

After playing with the kit for quite a bit, I would say that this is a good buy.  It's something that's not "usual" and I like the fact that they are interchangeable.  Reading more about JustRites, you can customize more than what you think.  But of course, you'll have to buy more kits and accessories.  However for now, I'm happy with my purchase and I'll play with them more before I think about buying more.  Plus, I still have a promise to keep until November...  hehe!

You can view my first mini JustRite project here.

And part 2 to follow ;)

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