Sunday, March 15

National Craft Month DAY 14 and 15

I dedicated this weekend in finishing my years old cross-stitch project.  The title is Bend in the Road, one of Cezanne's popular paintings.  I got the pattern free from Cross Stitch Collectibles, also years ago.  I started this project back when we were still stationed in Japan, immediately after I finished another long-term project Midnight Horses.  For the record, we've moved here in the US almost 2 years ago, so you can imagine how old this project was.  I have so many reasons why it took that long, but "laziness" topped it all.  That's why I was really determined to finish it before I go to bed tonight.

And I did.

The size of this one is 17.5 by 23.5 inches.

Here's the last stitch which took place at about 12:20 am.  What my next cross-stitch project will be, I still don't know.  But this time, I want to do a smaller one, so it won't take as long to make.  But not too small, because I don't find them challenging.  Cross-stitching does require a lot of patience.

To see how it looks like, please click here.

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