Wednesday, March 25

National Craft Month DAY 25

I was inspired by Paulyn's bead creations this month.  She makes really nice bead accessories.  It's been a long while since I last made bead accessories.  If I'm not mistaken, it was with my sister and cousins back in the Philippines almost a year ago.  That was fun!

So tonight, I took out one of my beading magazines, and decided to make a bead pendant.  This style is called a "Spiky Tubular Peyote."  The spikes are supposed to go all around the beaded tube, but I just don't have the time tonight, so I just put 3 rounds of spikes in the bottom.  While creating this pendant, I remember why I'm not so much into beading... LOL!  I'm sure when my sister sees this, she will just laugh at me.  She's really good at making beads accessories (miss you sis!).  But I'm happy with this one - something different for my celebration of National Craft Month :)

The pendant kinda reminds me of blackberries, only it's purple.

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