Sunday, March 8

National Craft Month Day 8

You know how it makes you mad when a drop or so of bleach goes to a favorite colored shirt?  This has happened to me a few months ago when a speck of bleach landed on my pair of brown corduroy pants.  I like to wear it in the winter because it helps keep my legs warm.  And I won't let a bleached spot keep me from wearing a good pair of pants.

So I took out my foam stamps, and put 2 layers of felt in a shallow acrylic case that's big enough for my foam stamps.  Then I poured bleach in my "custom-made" stamp pad.  That's all the prep I need basically, and then I stamped away.  Don't forget to place something inside the pants where you're stamping to prevent bleach from bleeding through the other side.  I used an acrylic sheet cut from regular packaging of Nestabilities.  It would also be good to have a fine brush handy to touch up some of the images, especially the thin lines.  I tried to use rubber stamps and acrylic stamps, but their etchings are not deep enough to leave a mark on the fabric.  Foam stamps work the best.  What I like about this project is if you make a mistake, you can just stamp a bigger image over it.  That happened to me a couple of times on this one.

Now I can't wait to wear this!  DH doesn't really like it... even the dog growled when she saw it... hahaha!  I don't care, because I love my new pair of pants ;)

Want to see the final product?  Click here.

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