Monday, March 9

National Craft Month Day 9

I have been coloring my images with Copic Markers since I started stamping. I do have a set of Neopiko markers, but I find them to bleed more.  What I like about Copics is that they are alcohol based, don't bleed and easy to blend (with the help of their colorless blender).  All of these plus the ease of use does come with a price.  Not to mention the very recent price hike.  I'm glad that I bought a bunch of my Copics when I was in Japan.

However, while browsing through the SCS threads, I learned that stampers also use PrismaColor pencils in coloring their images, with the aid of Gamsol (Odorless Mineral Spirit) and blending stumps for blending colors.  So I went ahead and bought a 120 piece set for $52 on Ebay.  That averages to about 45 cents per pencil, compared to about $4 per Copic Ciao marker and $6.50 per Copic Sketch.  A can of Gamsol costs about $12-15.  Blending stumps are $1.25-3.50 per dozen, depending on size.

I used 5 colors shades to color this flower image from CTMH Simple Beauty.  I tried my best to match the Copics ones to the PrismaColor ones:

  • Strong Red (R46)
  • Golden Yellow (Y17)
  • Light Prawn (R22)
  • Lemon Yellow (Y13)
  • Moss (YG67)

  • Crimson Lake (PC925)
  • Sunburst Yellow (PC917)
  • Blush Pink (PC928)
  • Canary Yellow (PC916)
  • Olive Green (PC911)

After coloring with both mediums, I can say that the hues are richer with PrismaColor pencils, and the blending is smoother.  The use of Gamsol wasn't hard and it is odorless.  However, Copics are a lot easier to use, and easier to control, especially when you're coloring intricate details.  Well, I guess you just can't have everything with one product.  I do like them both.

Here are both images colores with both mediums.  What do you think?  Which do you prefer?

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