Wednesday, June 24

Something Different

Something Different It's been really hot lately in Northern Michigan.  It reminded me of the sizzling hot summer days back in the Philippines.  And for the first time in my 2 years of being a Michigander, I complained about the weather.
I was irritated I got too lazy.  I wanted to create something, but I didn't want to do any scrapbooking or card making, crochet or cross stitch.  I wanted something different to take my mind off the heat.
So I decided to make some bead projects.
Every now and then, I would buy beading magazines, not just for myself but also for my sister.  She's actually the one who loves to bead.  In Bead and Button magazine, there was a pattern for bead balls called Blooming Beaded Beads.  That's different.  So I decided to give it a shot.  
At first, I was just trying to follow the illustration and I was ending up nowhere.  I looked at the clock and almost 2 hours have passed and I still haven't finished a darn ball.  My back was aching and I was getting more irritated.  It made me remember why I wasn't so fond of beading in the first place.


After taking a breather, I realized that I really should read the instructions, step by step.  Only then did my bead ball started to look like a ball.  After my first ball, I decided to make more.  When I was almost done, I wanted to put something inside before I closed it up.  I couldn't find one, so I tried putting in the first ball.  It worked perfectly.
The next day, I wanted to make more.  So I made another ball.  It was easier the third time, and faster.  And so I decided to make another one, this time experimenting with a different kind of bead.  Halfway through, I thought it could work as a mushroom or something.  And using the Herringbone Tubular stitch, I made the stem.  Now looking at the photos, I'm trying to decide if it's a mushroom or a tree.  Haha!
To see my latest bead projects in detail, please click here.
That concluded my short beading frenzy.    

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