Friday, July 31

Bits and Pieces

Stained Glass/Ceramics Studio: First Look (plus a New Card)Let me start off with some good news.  I mentioned about our printer finally retiring in a prior blog entry.  And finally we got a new one.  We have been a Canon junkie, and needless to say, our new printer is also from Canon.  Kudos to Canon for giving us a customer loyalty discount and we got the Pixma MX860 at a really good price.  So far, I love all the features in this printer.  The size is perfect and better than the old printer.  We are expecting it to last us as long as the one that broke.  Hopefully even longer.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Alpen Fest in a nearby town.  I always like to go to Town Festivals and look around, especially when they have vendors selling different kinds of stuff.  I bought this really unique album, described as a "foldable scrapbook album" by the vendor.  I always like to support crafters like her.  I can't wait to put photos in this album, and also try to see if I can make one like it.

Speaking of crafters, one of the vendors in the farmers' market/craft show in our town was selling fabric projects and even crocheted items.  She had crocheted lid holders, but the first thing I thought was a hat for my Pullip dolls.  She was so nice that she gave me one of them.  Zuora is happy and my other 2 Pullips are jealous!  hehe.


Last week, my DMIL, three DSILs and I went on a girls' trip to FrankenmuthWe had lunch at the Bavarian Inn, walked around downtown, and did some shopping.  We went to the famous Bronner's Christmas Store.  It is a big store filled with anything Christmas and I have been looking forward to see the place.  However, I have to say that being an Asian and from the Philippines, I was quite disappointed because a big percent of the items they sell are made in China.  I was expecting more stuff locally made from different countries.  But I was so happy to see a Christmas tree topper made from the Philippines.  I've been looking for a topper for our tree and that star was perfect - especially made with Capiz shells.  For Filipino standards, the price is very expensive.  But if you're living here in the US, you can say it is pretty reasonable.  Anyway, what made my trip to Frankenmuth are the printers' drawers.


I have been wanting to have them for a long time.  I searched on Ebay before but they are pretty expensive, about $20-40, excluding shipping for a 32 1/4" x 16 3/4" size.  But I chanced upon them in one of the stores in Downtown Frankenmuth, on sale for only $9.99 each, originally $19.99.  I couldn't pass it up, so I decided to buy 4 drawers.  For now, I'm planning to use them to store my beads.  Where the location will be, I'm still trying to figure that one out.
Tomorrow is another day at the farmers' market/craft show in town.  I hope it will be a better day because the other 2 weeks weren't as good as the first.  I received some special orders for cards, which is really nice.  In fact, I just finished 2 of them - a birthday card and an anniversary card.  


Please click here to see the cards in detail.
I have been re-stamping the back of my card creations to show my name and craft website.  I was able to do this with JustRite Stampers.  With their alphabet sets, you can customize your stamps and convey what you want to say.  Given this, I'm considering on investing on other sizes and shapes of their stampers.


Right now, I'm busy finishing our garage.  That's where my stained glass studio is going to be.  I really aim to comlete this project before I leave for California.  Wish me luck on this one.
That's it for now.... till next blog!

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