Tuesday, August 25

Daiso Dejavu

Daiso DejaVu I was nostalgic when my friend Deidra took me to the Daiso 100 Yen Store in San Diego.  It was actually a real 100 Yen Store, the exact same ones they have in Japan.  Of course, it's owned by the same Japanese company Marukai, but I'm so happy that they kept the exact same look, especially inside the store.  


While I was there, I really felt I was back in Japan.  The workers are Japanese too and I was so glad to be able to speak Japanese even for just a bit.  The items they sell are the exact same ones they have in Japan.  The only difference is that the prices are almost doubled, which is not really a surprise because their items are already imported.

The location is actually a compound where they also have a Marukai Supermarket iand Home Store.  Going inside Maruka Supermarket was so great - seeing the Japanese food products that I love to use.


While I was there, I prayed so hard that we'll have a Daiso and a Marukai in Michigan.  That will be really awesome.
Click here to see the items I bought in Daiso San Diego.

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