Tuesday, September 1

I'm Back!!!

I'm Back!!! Goodbye to busy, hot and modern California.  Now I'm back to the more relaxed, laid back, simple and nice weathered Michigan - the place I love and have called my new home.  

There are so many things to do, stuff to create, and my planet's in the same state when I left it three weeks ago - a total mess.


But before I go to the latest, I want to share some photos to the best beads store I've ever been.  It's called South Sun Beads Superstore in San Diego, CA.  It's a big warehouse filled with beads of all sorts, and a lot of other things about jewelry making.  That day, they were having a tent sale outside the warehouse with really good deals.  But I made sure to go inside the actual warehouse and see everything for myself.  Seeing all those strands of beads while walking through each aisle was overwhelming.  There were so many I didn't know where to start.  I wasn't able to take photos inside the warehouse because customers can't take anything with them inside the warehouse.  You have to leave your purse in lockers before you enter the shopping area.  They really are tight on security.


Click here to see more photos.
Also, while visiting my parents in Orange County, I was able to crochet a muffler for my Mommy.  It was originally meant to be a mini blanket, but I ran out of time and I ended up with a muffler.


I have more to share, but it's already past midnight.  My body clock's still California time (3 hours earlier), but I should adjust back to Eastern time.
Till next blog!  


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