Tuesday, August 16

Chaotic Planet

Hey there crafty friends!  Sorry I have no project to share with you today as I am busy with other things IRL.  I got laid off last month, so I'm trying to apply for a job or two.  Plus my band is joining a Battle of the Bands in a county fair tomorrow - should be really fun!

That being said, my planet has been in disarray for the past few days.  I am not happy about it, and I hope I'll be able to fix this chaos by tonight.  For the meantime, here's a peak of my chaotic planet:

Even our dog Chichay is not happy about the state of my craft room.  She stays here with me but sits and looks away from all the mess.. haha!

'Til next blog!

1 comment:

Carol W. said...

Good Luck to you ad your band!