Saturday, October 1

WCMD Kick-Off Blog Candy Winner

Happy World Card Making Day everyone!  I hope you are busy making your cards to celebrate this special day for paper crafters.  Maybe you'd like to share your cards with us this month, and maybe you can win some blog candy as well.  If you haven't seen my recent blog post about my WCMD Celebration, please click here.

Well, I have drawn the winner for last month's WCMD Kick-Off Blog Candy:

I did mention before that I will put the drawing on video, but that's not possible for me today as there are other things going on.  However, I didn't want to delay the drawing.  So I put all your comments in a bowl like this:

But before I reveal the winner, let me take this chance in answering a couple of questions that were raised last month.

MaryAnn, I'm not really sure why halloween colors are orange, green and purple.  I'm guessing because pumpkins are orange, while monsters and witches are usualy green.  And maybe purple just goes well with green and orange?  Hehe.  I'm not an expert, but I'm sure the internet has an answer to that question somewhere.

Ardilla, I usually run cardstock through my Janome mini sewing machine and I'm usually happy with the results.  But I find the stitching really good when I stitch two layers of paper or cardstock together.  I also pick the "largest setting" for straight and zigzag stitches, with the tension set in the middle (4 or 5).  Yes, I use a quilling tool for paper piercing.  Every now and then, I use a piercing template for more elaborate designs like that of Ornaire.  My favorite guide for piercing in a straight line is the Tim Holtz Idea-ology ruler. 

Ok, time to reveal the winner.  I picked one from the glass bowl and this is who I got:

Congratulations MaryAnn!  Please send me a message (or email me) your mailing address.  I know I have it somewhere, but it will be quicker for you to give it to me again.

Crafty friends, I hope you can join me in celebrating World Card Making Day this month as I will be giving away these fabulous goodies:

You can learn more about it by clicking here

If you have already made a card, go ahead...



Hi there girlalu =) I added my first entry but I'm not so sure if it's successful. Thanks for this opportunity ... joining your BG I would say I'm a winner already because it's a great reason for me to do some cards. Geez! It's been ages since I sat here in my craft room (lol).

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW thank you sooooooo much. This is auch an awesome message to wake up to here such an early sunday morning ha ha ha. I´m sooo amazed, that I was the lucky one. It´s really rare, that I´m lucky in these contests and then to win such an awesome prize, that´s sooooo cool, thank you sooo very much. I´ll send you a message with my adresse right away. Have a wonderful day dear friend, I know I will now ha ha ha.

Ardilla said...

Congrats, Maryann!!!!!!

Thanks Joan for answering my question... I really love stitching in the cards, but I find it so hard sometimes... and sometimes the paper breaks, so I'm trying to do only faux stitches lately :(

I just have a normal sewing machine and not a mini one, maybe that is also a problem... I'll try to keep practicing :)

Thanks for the chance, and I'll try to do a card later... (or maybe more)


Congratulations Maryann! Happy playing with your prize :-)

Carol W. said...

Congratulations Mary Ann!