Thursday, February 23

Christmas in February

Guess what?!?!?  I can see my craft desk now... woot!!!  I can now sense some craftivity happening soon... but for now I want to concentrate on blogging.  It's starting to slow down now that my sister's on her 3rd week in our snowy neck of the woods. 

I did mention that I took a trip a few weeks ago.  And when I got back, a box was waiting for me in my planet.  It was from crafty friend Claire.  I was excited to see what's inside, but it took a few more days until I got to open it.  Now, they are spread on my craft desk and I'm really enjoying the view.  I just want to share with you her wonderful work as I clear the floor of my planet.

Let's start with this beautiful handmade card:

Followed by two sets of Christmas Cards:

And two sets of tags:

Aren't they beautiful?!?!?  Now I'm all set for Christmas this year.  There are other fun stuff in the box, but I'm keeping them for myself for now.  Thanks a big bunch Claire!

'Til next blog!


paperpapier said...

lovely christmas cards and tags...!

Maryann Laursen said...

What a wonderful lot here from Claire, but she always makes sooo wonderful creations, don´t she? And it´s always like christmas to get a parcel from her, no matter what time of year it is ha ha. She´s an amazing friend, and one of a kind, that´s for sure. Sooo happy for you hun, please enjoy it all, but I´m sure, you will.
Have a great sunday.