Thursday, March 8

Winter CHA '12 Flashback: ALUMOSAICS

I have seen lots of projects using soda cans, but I found something new and different at the Winter CHA.  The moment I saw the beautiful artwork when I passed by Alumosaic's booth, I just had to stop, look and inquire about this really cool idea.

What you do basically is cut cans in small rectangles, and put them together to form a picture.  It sounds easy, but really it's not.  Because you have to have the right color, shades and drawings on the aluminum to achieve the picture you want.

A new item has just been added in my to do list.  Right now, I cannot access the Alumosaics website, but when I do, I'm thinking of buying their instruction DVD.

'Til next blog!

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Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW I can only agree with you, this is absolutely stunning artwork Joan. I sure believe, it wount be an easy job at all to make things look so right as these do, and I´m sure, if I even tryed, it wouldn´t look anything like this or anything anybody would ever recognize ha ha ha, but it looks really interesting, and as something worth to give a closer look.