Thursday, March 1

Winter CHA '12 Flashback: Tattered Angels

Hello crafty friends!  Today I want to share with you a make-and-take tri-fold card from the Tattered Angels booth in the Winter CHA in Anaheim this year.  Their main feature was the Plain Jane line.  I can still picture where their booth is exactly in the very big Anaheim Convention Center.

My favorite memory while making this card was the guy next to me, making one as well.  I have to say that if a guy is interested in making a card like this, then the product must be really good and interesting.

I love all the elements that they put together for this card.  And I definitely love playing with the Plain Janes.  Everytime I see this card, it makes me want to play with all my Tattered Angels products on hand.

'Til next blog!

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Maryann Laursen said...

Oh boy you just gets me more and more jealous for each day, and wish I would some day get a chance to expirience one of these CHA´s there. This is just awesome too Joan and you did a great job here again.
Thanks so much for sharing all this with us here hun.