Wednesday, January 30

Thank You Snow Day(s)

Yep, we had three snow days in a row (brain screaming:  wooottt!!!).  

On the first day, I was able to do chores at home.  Laundry done, dishes washed, carpet vacuumed, floors cleaned, furniture and knick-knacks dusted...  My Mommy would be proud (and yes, I still call her Mommy).

On the second day, I just took it easy.  Oh and yeah, DH and I had a lunch date followed by some grocery shopping.  No, I didn't go to any craft store.  In fact, I haven't gone to one really.  I just want to concentrate on what I have (for the Nth time... I know), and start purging (really!).  And this time, I really want to stick to it (for the Nth time, again.).  Let's just say, I will do my best.

The third snow day was a surprise.  I was ready to go to work.  In fact, I even went to bed earlier than usual the night before.  I was surprised when I got the call stating it was another snow day.  So I went back to bed.

Then I got a text from one of my GFs asking if she can come over and play.  I didn't think twice.  The house is clean and presentable.  Why not?  So she came around 10 am, and we gabbed while crafting til about 4 pm.  What fun!  It's been a while since I did that. I used to have friends over and make cards and stuff.  But since I got my new job, I wasn't able to put together craft nights like before.

To be honest, that "play time" inspired me to clean my planet, and do some more organizing.  And to be honest again, I get more inspired to create when my craft room is spic, span and in order.  

I took some pics, where you can see some changes in my planet.  In this photo, you can see my planet as you enter.

See the vacant space on the wall above the printer?  I'm thinking of what to put there, but for now, I'm enjoying the "white".

It's very rare to have my craft desk in this state.  I really cherish it.

I got rid of the door sometime last year.  And that's one of the best "ordinances" I have made for my planet.

Now, It's time to start heading for bed.  For some reason, I'm really ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Two work days in one week is not bad at all.

'Til next blog!

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Removing the door is a great idea indeed =) Awesome craft space you have - super clean and organized .. for now hehehehehehehehehehe. Kram!