Thursday, February 7

Make A Bow

One of the things I've been leery about as far as paper crafting is concerned is making bows.  I always have a hard time making a good bow.  Thanks to Becca Feeken's Becca Bows Video Tutorials, I learned how to make decent ones.

However, there is still this need to find a tool to make bows.  I tried the Mini Bowdabra, but it didn't quite work for me.  

When Becca Feeken came out with her Peg Bow Maker, I got interested.  But I had to see how it works first.  I saw it in action while working for Our Daily Bread Designs in a scrapbook and stamping show late last year.  I got more interested.  However, I thought this particular tool was too big and will take up space on my craft desk.  With the configuration of this tool, it seems easy to make if you are handy.  But I'm not handy in that sense, and my DH isn't either.  So I made a search on the internet - it turned out that there is already a bunch of versions of the peg bow maker.  Different sizes and designs, but basically involves the same procedure in making the bows.  Who came up with the idea first, I really don't know.  But it sure was brilliant, so thank you for that!  I knew I wanted to start with something smaller.  So I ended up getting the Unity Bow Maker:

I just searched video tutorials on YouTube.  And I'm not surprised - there are tons out there.

Needless to say that finally, I have found the perfect bow making tool that works for me.  And I'm really happy.

Here are three sample bows that I made with 1.5 inch ribbon using my peg bow maker:

Single Bow

Double Bow

Triple Bow

 'Til next blog!

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