Monday, February 3

Latest Loot

Each time I go to any store or go shopping online, I make sure to check out the clearance or specials section.  You just don't know what you'll see, and what you'll get.  Often times, I get lucky.  And because of that, I rarely buy anything in its MSRP anymore.  I know somewhere, somehow, I can get it cheaper.

On my last visit to Joann's, I saw these Studio G dollar stamps for only 50 cents each.  

I had a 30% discount off total purchase coupon, so I ended up paying only 35 cents for each of these stamps.  Way cool huh?

Then at Meijer, I saw these washi tapes in their clearance section.

And if I remember it right, everything in that rack had an additional 70% off.  I only paid just a little over a dollar for all 5 rolls.  Now how can you say no to that?

I already had plans on making a card set with my latest haul.  And last weekend, I was able to make six cards, one for each stamp.  I colored each image with Copics, and cut with the same Spellbinders die.

I'll show each card in detail in the coming days.  For now, have a great week, crafty reader!  'Til next blog...

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