Monday, February 17

Post Valentine Post

I love my title today!!!

Anyway, I shared with you my Valentine project last week (click here to see).  I mentioned there that I helped a friend make Valentine treats for her twins to give to their classmates.  Well, I have shared only one project.  The other treat is a Valentine Treasure Chest filled with yummy Kisses and Hugs.

It's designed by the late Katie Renz for Clearly iStamp (click here to see).  What I really love here is the material used for the lid.  It's actually from a book of wall paper samples.  My friend bought it from Home Depot for $1 per book.  That's something to look out for next time. 

The hearts were made with Creative Memories heart punch.  We didn't have time to add key holes... hee hee!  For closure, we used magnet strips from Xyron.  But that didn't work.  We ended up using Velcro, just like what the tutorial recommended.    What made this chest special is the message inside which says "This treasure is for you, Valentine".  It was thought of by one of the twins.  And for more personalization, he wrote his name on punched pieces of paper.

During times when you are busy with real life stuff, I'm really thankful there are tutorials like this by crafters available online.  It cuts time from the thinking and planning process.  Thanks to them, we are able to make Valentine treat bags for a whole class, multiply that by two.

'Til next blog!

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