Tuesday, February 18


So I was enticed by a $15 coupon of first purchase at One Kings Lane, thanks to Mish, my crafty friend from NY.  Browsing through their website, I made sure I got this stamp by Yellow Owl Workshop:

The kit came with an ink pad and a red pencil.  Remember how we used a pencil to rewind a casette tape?  I really like the concept of this kit. 

I have been into anything "casette tapes" lately.  It's a big staple of my youth.  In fact, there's this top I bought last summer and I wore it in one of our band gigs.

I was excited to play with my new stamp.  I really like the size - 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I ended up with a mini card set using the exact same box it came with.  I was relieved to find envelopes that would fit the box.  And since they are small manila/kraft envelopes, I decided to use kraft cardstock as base for my cards as well. 

I ended up with 24 cards with matching envelopes, and they all fit perfectly in the box.  For more variety, I stamped with 6 different colors from the ColorBox Petal Point dye ink set in Provence.

And since the stamp kit came with a pencil, which I really don't need,  I added the pencil to my card set.  I made sort of like a holder for the pencil, which also gave a 3D effect on the cover of the box.

The polka-dot kraft paper?  That's actually Unity Stamp packaging.  I embossed it with matching QuicKutz polka dots embossing folder.  

I sure enjoyed making this card set.  And I love the latest addition to my stamp collection.

'Til next blog!

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