Saturday, June 6

Congrats 1

Another batch of high school graduates marched this year.  It's actually one of my favorite parts of the school year.  When I was working at the high school, I kept reminding the seniors to cherish every moment of their graduation (and be in their best behavior).  It only happens once, marking the transition of the carefree days of youth to living the real world.  I haven't forgotten about my high school graduation day.  And yes, if I could turn back time, there are some things I would like to alter to make it better.

So this year, we were invited to two graduation parties.  One of my great excuses to step in my planet and make some cards.  Yeah I know.  If my craft room can talk, they will totally ban me from entering due to abandonment.  

Anyway, for graduation quick card number one, I took out a corrugated blank card, topped it with a die cut, topped with alpha stickers.

Then for the inside, using the same cardstock, I punched the top and used it as a small pocket for the monetary gift.  I also stamped and embossed a sentiment over it.  I used stickers for the name.

This card only took 30 minutes tops to make.  It really helps with you have tools handy to use to make a decent card.

'Til next blog!

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