Saturday, July 16

AlpenFest 2016

I have said many times before how I like to go to craft shows to support crafters and get inspiration.  I also like to find unique creations, interview their maker and feature them in my blog.  In this year's Alpenfest, I was expecting the usual vendors selling leather goods, jewelry, paper crafts, sewn products, etc.  

Guess what?  I found a couple of awesome crafters.  The first one is the Magnetic Bulletin Board.  I passed by their booth and I had to stop and take a look.  I took my time and admired these metal goodies.  They deserve a spot in my planet.

I talked to the owner to express my fondness of their product.  They said the handmade crafting industry can be challenging.  In their case, somebody copied their work and started selling in brick and mortar companies.  They had to protect their business and went to court.  They won their case, and decided not to sell their products online and just focus on craft shows.  

It's sad that crafters have to be affected by mass production.  I know how that feels when I see mass produced handmade cards sold  at a dollar store so cheap.  Who would buy handmade cards in a craft show when they know they can get it a lot cheaper in brick and mortar stores?

Anyway, after much solo deliberation, I got this for my craft room:

The colors are perfect for Tinker Planet's color scheme.  I am very happy!

The next crafter I'd like to feature is also an author:  Norman Reed. His booth showcases his latest book "The Black Angel of the Lord" which he co-authored with his wife Lynn.

He also created awesome vases/pots made with bath towels and cement.  I think it's brilliant!  I gotta have one of his work to add to my collection.

I'm glad I didn't have to go far to meet and discover new crafters.  Given my busy real life schedule, these two purchases were a really nice treat.

'Til next blog!

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