Monday, July 11

It's a Girl ! Part 2

I always like to make stuff for parties.  I jump on it when I get the chance.  I've heard people say why spend so much time in making them when you can just buy them so cheap at a dollar store.  I get it.  In this fast paced world, time is of an essence.  Some people just don't have time.  But I like to make time for things like this. Besides, handmade decor makes the event extra special and memorable.  I do have a rule when it comes to this.  When I make things like this, it's because I want to do it.  I don't like to get paid or receive anything in return.  To me, the fun goes away when there's money involved.  And it makes the process stressful. 

Anyway, when I learned of my friend's baby shower, the first thing that came to mind was to make a banner.  I love making banners. She picked a baby dress stamp for her invitation cards, which I used to make the banner.  I stamped the image, embossed it, scanned it, then enlarged it with the magic of Photoshop.   

The letters were cut with Cricut - sorry, can't remember the cartridge. I used the same edge punch used is the same as what was on the invites. 

This next project is a first for me.  My friend found this idea online, and I thought it was just brilliant!  The guests are to write their names on each dress, then hang it on the clothesline.  Aside from being a guest book, it is also a keepsake for their first baby. 

My friend picked the wooden frame, then I did the rest, trying to stick to the baby shower invitation design.

For souvenirs, she picked some hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works.  This was a quick project, as I just did a whole lot of paper punching (all Stampin' Up).

See my name on one of the dresses already?  I was so sick that day, that I just went to drop off all the goodies.  I didn't want anybody else to catch what I had, so I left right away.  Hey, at least I get to sign the guest book.

See the white box above?  That's where all the dresses are for the Guest Book.  It's actually a watch box.  Just didn't throw it away, and now I found a good use for it.

And since we have leftover materials, I made a Thank You Card Set to give out to her guests.

This sure is one of my biggest baby shower projects ever.  It's not over yet, as I still have to make the baby's first year scrapbook.

'Til next blog!

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