Monday, April 6

Multi-Purpose Station

This area is another thing I'm excited about in my new craft space.  It's where I store my punches, envelopes and other tools and supplies.  My electronic die cutting machine is there also.  And it can also be a second craft desk.  I also love that I can write notes and reminders, and even doodle, on the side. 

I was able to find these Bin Boxes from Amazon, which fit perfectly on each shelf of the tall fixture.  They're corrugated and sturdy and can carry some pretty good weight, especially my punches.

The pull-out table is from Ikea.  I had to buy the table top and each height adjustable leg separately for it to work in my configuration.  The other end is resting on one of the shelves.  Underneath is a drawer cabinet I got from Amazon as well, which holds all my stock of adhesives and refills.

Now I can use my Brother Scan n' Cut 2 anytime.  There is room for the cutting mat in front and behind the machine.  I can actually do something else while its cutting.  I didn't have that luxury before.

Yes.  I let go of my Cricut Expression and passed it on to a novice crafter friend of mine.  It served me oh so well for many years, but it was time to move on to a machine that will suit my card making needs.

My favorite part of this desk is that it can be pulled out another 9 or 10 inches for more work space. In this picture, the table is snug against the wall.

And here it is pulled out to a secure length.

And for more work space, I can pull out the rolling drawer cabinet underneath.  This could actually work as a sewing table.

Or this can be used by another person, so two people can craft at the same time.  So many possibilities with having two work desks.  I am very excited!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my new craft space.  And maybe found some inspiration for your own crafting joints.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or send me a message on the Tinker Planet Facebook Page.  Happy crafting!

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