Saturday, April 4

Photo Station

When was the last time you used a regular point and shoot camera?  Years ago, I have my Canon digital camera in my craft room all the time.  It was essential for my blogging.  Now with all the technology of the smart phones, I can't remember the last time I used my digital camera.  I sure love my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  All the photos in my posts the last year and a half are taken with its camera.  Back then, my purse is filled with so much stuff - camera, notebook, pen, video camera, cellphone, wallet and a lot of other junk.  Now, I use a small purse with just my wallet, smart phone and a couple little things.  In the fall and winter, I don't even use a purse, as my wallet and smart phone fit in the inside pockets of my jacket.  

I digress.

Let me write about this area of my craft space.  You can see the rotating fixture that holds my A2 card bases and envelopes.  Next to it is a drawer cabinet I got from Amazon, which holds supplies I don't use as often as those on my craft desk.  And on top of that fixture is a new addition to my planet.  It's new because it was in hiding for quite sometime.  There was no place for it in my old craft room.

When I was planning my new craft space, I made sure I have a spot dedicated for my Shot Box.  It's a collapsible tabletop top photo light studio - something I've always wanted to have.  I chanced upon this cool thing at HSN a few years ago.  I love where it is now.  I can use it any time.

As a blogger, this will be a very useful tool.  It has built in lights and comes with 4 backdrops.  You can take pictures from the front as shown in the pic below.

Or you can take pictures from the top.

I am very happy how things are falling in to place in my new craft space.  Though I have a bunch of stuff in my to do list, my brain is still running with ideas for future projects.  I can't wait!

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